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Privileged glimpses 15: A duty of care myth

This gives people the sense that they are: Hanged if they do and Hanged if they don’t Continue reading

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More abuse from ‘The master race’

People like this bring the whole of Britain into disrepute Continue reading

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Civilisation part 1 PDF

Beginning 4,700 years ago in ancient Egypt, this project has led me all the way to the Palestine of a little over 2,100 years ago. Part 1 began with Imhotep and ended with Pontius Pilate. Continue reading

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Clarkson’s been canned

Jeremy Clarkson has been ditched by the BBC following his outrageous behaviour. Here’s a summary of the investigation’s findings. Continue reading

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Beeb’s best bigot bites the dust

Jeremy Clarkson, the monarch of middle class, middle English mediocrity’s boorish reign seems to be over. That’s what he told a recent London audience anyway. No longer will he ‘grace’ the TV screens of petrolheaded fans with his laddish blend … Continue reading

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What if UKIP really isn’t racist?

Only the most blinkered (or the most deceitful) would claim that anti-discrimination laws are unnecessary in UK. In either case (liar or fool), only the most naïve would want such an individual to represent them in parliament. Continue reading

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Civilisation 30: Marcus Tullius Cicero

Through Cicero the Western world was able to shake off the chains of religious theocracy that had overtaken Europe shortly after the great Roman’s death. The knowledge, philosophy and egalitarianism that Christianity had suppressed for so many centuries was given fresh opportunity through the works of a long dead Roman. Cicero would have been so pleased to have had such an impact, not least upon the founding fathers of the USA. Continue reading

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