Free downloads

On this page you will find downloads in various formats. Enjoy…

Short PDF downloads

PDF version of the Self Harm mini series by The Care Guy (originally posted between 2008-2010)

Psychosis or paranormal experience?

SPS Paranormal activity or psychotic symptom1

Why the far right doesn’t speak for this working class Brit

White working class and British

UKIPpers – Exposing the exploitative,  neoNazi  nature of the UK Independence Party

UKIPpers blog series

A chart comparing UKIP’s policies with Adolf Hitler’s ’25 point plan’ in PDF format

UKIP Nazi comparison chart

Longer (Ebook) downloads

Books 1 – 5 of ‘Civilisation’ – my ongoing self-education project about history’s most influential innovators, movers and shakers

Civilisation book 1

Civilisation book 2

Civilisation book 3

Civilisation book 4

Civilisation book 5

A short guide to Stoicism – Stuart’s personal ‘philosophy of life’

The Stoic blog series PDF

Record of the campaign to oppose Project Prevention

Preventing Project Prevention PDF

20 Commandments for mental health workers blog series in collaboration with The Nurse With Glasses

20 Commandments blog category

Explaining logical fallacies

The Care Guy Fallacies

Evolutionary psychology (my ongoing ‘teach yourself’ project for 2013-14) part 1


Evolutionary psychology (my ongoing ‘teach yourself’ project for 2013-15) part 2

Hard wired book part 2

What makes a good debate?


The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

The care guy The Convention

Using the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 in practice

The Care Guy Decisions

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