Come back soon Mental Health Cop

I still can’t quite understand this.

Yesterday, along with many others in the online mental health community I learned that the Mental Health Cop (AKA Inspector Michael Brown) had disappeared from the internet. Michael’s multi award winning blog ( has been a truly incredible resource for anyone interested in or professionally concerned with the interface between mental health care, law and police intervention.

I really don’t know what has happened except that Michael’s employer (West Midlands Police) appears to have had an issue with something he wrote on line. The upshot is that his blog has gone and his twitter account (@mentalhealthcop) is also inaccessible at present. Up to the minute news will be available via the #mentalhealthcop hashtag on Twitter as literally thousands of subscribers to Michael’s blog follow events.

I sincerely hope that this matter is resolved quickly and that Michael is able to resume his fantastic work very soon. More than that though I’d just like to add my voice to the many who wish Michael well personally. He is very definitely one of the good guys.

Come back soon Mental Health Cop. We miss you.

About Stuart Sorensen

Nurse, writer, blogger and witterer. I work full time delivering care and wittering at people all over UK. It's great if you like the sound of your own voice (and I most certainly do). You can find me at or at
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3 Responses to Come back soon Mental Health Cop

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  2. nomnomhelp says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about this. I’m a fairly new follower of his, but he is an inspirational man. Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve come across an inspirational person with a voice on the internet being silenced by their employer. Do they no realise what a positive impact these people can have?!


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