You snooze, you lose!

Thanks for all the interest in the free training. I’m afraid it’s already been snapped up by a group in the West Midlands. The moment has gone, I’m afraid.


But keep watching. You really never know what might be around the corner.

Free training

Tuesday 9th September 2014 update: Thanks for all the interest but this offer is now closed. A care team in the W. Midlands has kindly offered to let us film there.

Do you work in the UK Midlands? Would you like a free half day training session on self-harm and social care?


If so please let me know by Emailing (or ask your manager to if it’s not your decision).

You’d need to agree to some or all of the session being filmed for a new TV documentary on mental health care. The training would also need to be delivered before December 2014.

For more information about my training click on the pic above or have a look around and drop me an Email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Self harm, stigma and social angst

Care To Share Magazine issue 2 is out. I even included an article of my own in this one. Read my Self harm article here.

There are many more articles to read and comment on. Go on, have a look. You know you want to.


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