Nasty Nick copies Britain First

Banned by nasty nick

There’s nothing original in the land of far right Nutzies. Nasty Nick Griffin is back following his humiliating departure from the BNP and he’s stolen a few underhand marketing & publicity ideas from Britain First.


Griffin’s new facebook page peddles the same misinformation as Britain First, the same white supremacist nonsense and the same way of dealing with dissent.

Islamic doll


Yesterday he posted this misleading nonsense about Sharia law on the back of something as benign as a child’s doll. So I commented last night.


Today, in the style of Britain First, he has removed my comment and I’m unable to comment further. It seems that Nasty Nick is no more interested in genuine debate or free speech than any other Nazi. Same lies, different facebook.


And they wonder why we won’t take them seriously.

Britain First’s manifesto – Straight from 1930s Germany

I really wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Britain First released their manifesto this afternoon. They’ve actually outlined their priorities and intentions. These are the policies they’d try to implement in the extremely unlikely event that they were ever actually to gain any power in UK.

What’s most striking to those of us who know a bit of history is the obvious resemblance this manifesto bears to the 25 point plan of Hitler’s Nazi party. Of course it’s no surprise that they adopt Nazi policies – they are Nazis after all. What’s so remarkable is the fact that they’ve hardly bothered to conceal the fact. It’s true that they use different wording in places but the intention is clearly the same.

But don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself.

I’m loathe to send traffic to Britain First but if you really want to check the examples below you can find the ‘manifesto’ on their facebook page. The 25 point plan of the German Nazi party can be found here.

Just like Hitler’s Nazis, Britain First is a party of isolationism. They understand that fascism is harder to maintain in a country that maintains its links with other countries. That was true in the 1930s and its true today.

Britain First wants to withdraw from existing international treaties and pave the way for its own, very different deals with selected countries.

BF foreign affairs

Britain First has much to say about citizenship. They’re not quite so blatantly racist here as Hitler’s party was but when you read this alongside their intentions regarding immigration and ‘those of foreign descent’ it becomes clear just how similair the two parties actually are.

BF social

It’s worth noting the definitions of ‘citizen’ used in these manifestos. Britain First has made it very clear through numerous demonstrations and hateful comments on facebook threads that they consider non-whites to be inferior. Their use of the word immigrant is synonymous with non-white and Eastern European – a fact amply demonstrated by their hateful online activities. They want to halt spending on non-whites and needy immigrants/asylum-seekers to attempt to ensure more money for white Brits. Hitler’s Nazis said the same thing in different words.

BF spending

These clauses are so similair they need no commentary from me.

BF Immigration

Whilst I’d question Britain First’s statistics (especially the 15,000 pensioners freezing to death each winter) their meaning is clear. Adolf and Hermann would be so thrilled with them.

BF social

 Remember the definitions of citizenship. It seems that only those people who Britain First agrees with will be allowed to vote. That should make re-election easier.

BF government

 Funny, I thought we’d managed to develop a more comprehensive syllabus suited to a complex world. Then again – teaching kids about justice and fairness isn’t quite in keeping with Nazi ideals. Perhaps they should have thought about the reality of modern UK before stealing from an 85 year old document from a different land.

Not sure about the ‘Christian assembly’ part and the focus on ‘real’ trades and skills at the expense of more cerebral subjects. It’s almost as though they want to breed a nation of biddable, unthinking workhorses (or ‘race-warriors’).

BF Education

Hitler was obsessed with military rearmament. He knew that war was inevitable as Nazi desires became manifest. It seems that Paul and Jayda are of the same mind.

BF Defence

Oh yes – they want to dictate religious preference too

BF Christian

And finally look at this. The neo-Nazi numpties at Britain Frist have surpassed themselves with this one.

BF Crime


Just a picture

It’s ironic that such a bunch of unimaginative, mean-spirited and ultimately unBritish cowards  should have the audacity to call themselves ‘Britain First’. I can’t think of a less appropriate name for this bigoted bunch of racists. Not so very long ago proud Britons chased their ideological forbears all the way back to Berlin. There is nothing even remotely British about Nazism!

Britain First cowards

News worth reporting but is it really news?

I have mixed feelings about this report in today’s Independent. That’s not because I object to the article’s content. On the contrary I think it’s entirely accurate in its expose of the odious Britain First. The Independent’s article is spreading awareness of this far right, neoNazi organisation’s cynical deception of the British public and that can only be good.

BF march

My mixed feelings are about whether or not it can fairly be called ‘news’.

This disgraceful, unpatriotic and utterly contemptible group has been using lies and misrepresentation to undermine British values of fairness, justice and equality ever since it was formed. That’s not too surprising since its founding members used exactly the same tactics when they were part of the equally disingenious British National Party. In both cases lies and misinformation were their ‘stock in trade’, the only tool available to them in their quest to create disparity and discrimination within UK society.

BF Jayda quotes

But this is hardly news.

I’m glad that the mainstream press is finally waking up to the threat this nasty bunch of fascist scumbags poses to society because it’s a story that people really need to hear. I’m disappointed that it’s taken them so long. Britain First has used the window of opportunity afforded them by mainstream media’s disinterest in them to spread their lies unhindered and they’ve done their job well. So I’m glad that they’re being reported on now but I’m frustrated that they weren’t exposed by the media much, much earlier.

Britain First has always lied to us. It does so in the name of patriotic concern for British culture but actually their real motivation is to sow discrimination in the name of white supremacy and religious intolerance. They also seem quite keen to profit from the paranoia they create. The process is simple:

  1. Create the impression of a threat
  2. Pretend to be the ‘front line’ in combatting that non-existent threat
  3. Ask for money to fund the fight against the imaginary threat
  4. Commit a few illegal acts of harassment to pretend they’re doing something useful with the money they raise
  5. Claim persecution when they’re prosecuted for their illegal acts
  6. Pretend they’ve been arrested a few more times when they haven’t
  7. Request more money for their ‘legal defence’
  8. Spend the money

There are so many examples of this cynical, disgraceful policy that it’s difficult to know where to begin in demonstrating just how appallingly divisive and unBritish these self-styled ‘patriots’ really are. It’s also time-consuming as so many of the memes and videos they post require significant research to uncover the truth whilst it takes Britain First only moments to make up their lies. As the saying goes:

A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on

BF not the master race

Fortunately the truth is out there and there are people with the time and dedication to find it.  If you’d like to know the truth about this bunch of far right thugs and their awful, white-supremacist views click ‘like’ on Exposing Britain First on Facebook or follow @ExposingBF on Twitter. You can also find a host of videos posted by Exposing Britain First on Vimeo, including this one explaining their racist, bully-boy tactics in no uncertain terms.

If you’re at all concerned about the direction that UK society is heading and if you believe that our traditional values  of fairness and justice are important then you owe it to yourself to get informed about this nasty bunch of neoNazis and their hate-filled designs upon our nation’s minorities.

EBF banner

How far-right party Britain First is gaining traction through ‘Christian’ ideology | Christian News on Christian Today

Some of my Christian readers might find this account of Britain First’s blatant hypocrisy from ‘Christian today’ interesting. As a former Christian myself I agree – it really is extremely difficult (actually I’d say impossible) to equate Golding’s deceitful account of Jesus’ actions with Britain First’s bloodthirsty, selfish and discriminatory tactics. Britain First has nothing to do with Christianity. Its heritage is much more closely associated with Moseley, Hitler and Mussolini!


Intimidation & incitement: The mark of fascism!

Britain First have sunk to a new low, even for them. Following last Saturday’s fiasco in Rochester they tried to claim that one of their number was glassed (it didn’t happen in Rochester). When that didn’t work they stooped to inciting violence and harrasment against those who opposed their fascism.


This isn’t British politics. It’s reminiscent of 1930s German Nazism!


And as if that wasn’t bad enough – they’re also conspiring to attack a police officer.
But history shows that intimidation just strengthens the resolve of British people. This tactic undoubtedly will backfire as these Nazi thugs reveal their true colours.

No pasaran!

Britain First calls this democracy – everyone else calls it fascism

There can be no place in a working democracy for bully boy tactics. Any ‘political party’ that thinks it’s OK to send the boys round, to ‘incite violence’ or to denounce anyone who disagrees with them as “traitors” who should be “hung (sic), drawn and quartered” is unworthy of serious consideration in any mature democratic system.

Jayda BF freedom of speech 1

This weekend has just confirmed precisely what we’ve all known for months. Britain First is a group of neoNazi thugs who meet peaceful opposition with violence and who have no regard for British values like democracy, equality or fairness. Can you imagine how tragic it would be if these violent racists were ever to gain any actual power?
Fortunately ‘the Fash’ has never really had much of a chance in UK – we’re too fair-minded.

They shall not pass!

BF not the master race


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