That’s all folks!

Do you remember ‘Mork and Mindy’?
I do. It was brilliantly funny back in the day. An unassuming little comedy series that launched (so far as I know) one of the most versatile and talented comic actors of a generation.


And now that actor is dead – by his own hand.

I’ve no idea why Robin Williams killed himself. In truth, I don’t think any of us ever will have – not really. Without thinking the thoughts he thought and feeling the emotions he felt the best anyone could ever manage would be a superficial approximation of the truth.


But that doesn’t stop the media from going wild (with the frenzied instincts of a pack of wolves who smell blood) at the thought of the money their printed speculations will bring. And it stinks.

Leave the poor guy alone.
Leave his memory alone.

Just stop it!

That’s all folks!


Heartless government cut pay of police officers injured in line of duty. And threaten the sack.

Stuart Sorensen:

Awful. Just awful!

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Looks like the Tories are taking revenge on the police after their falling out over the plebgate controversy.

The Tory-led coalition government has decided that police officers who are disabled or injured in the line of duty should face a pay cut. Or the sack.

A report into changes in police officers’ pay and conditions was completed way back in 2012. But now government ministers have suddenly decided to implement some of the more controversial changes recommended in the report – including this part:

police pay cut

The Disabled Police Association says injured and disabled officers will be ‘substantially disadvantaged’ by the changes:

Pay reforms: Disabled officers ‘substantially disadvantaged’

As always – very little of this has been reported in the mainstream press.

Which is exactly what always happens whenever there is any news about how despicably the sick and disabled are treated by this government.


Please feel free to comment. And…

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Blinded by The Sun: Open Letter to Ed Miliband

Stuart Sorensen:

My thoughts exactly. The labour party was born out of a great tradition of fairness. New Labour betrayed that tradition but genuine, compassionate, mutually supportive socialism still remains. And it will rise again.

Originally posted on The World Turned Upside Down:

ed the sun

Dear Ed,

Yesterday you did something really dreadful, although I doubt you realise the full significance. In the same week that members of your party, the postal workers union, senior Labour MPs and thousands of voters on Merseyside were organising a campaign to reject The Sun newspaper being delivered unsolicited through their letter boxes, you posed, grinning, with the paper. The fact that you have apparently apologised to Steve Rotheram, MP for Liverpool Walton, indicates that you are perhaps a little more aware of your mistake than you were yesterday, but it doesn’t even begin to touch on the real, underlying causes of this enormous error of judgement.

I don’t need to go into the reasons why that campaign was taking place – you know the reasons why The Sun is rightly despised by the overwhelming majority of your own party. So any apology should be directed, not just to…

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IDS – A new name for psychopathy

In Freudian terms the ‘ID’ is the most primitive, base & irrational part of the human psyche. It’s the ego state that Eric Berne labelled the ‘child’ in his famous ‘transactional analysis’ model of the human mind. The Id is selfish, impulsive and ultimately destructive.


Heaven forbid that anyone could have multiple Ids. And yet the ‘multiple Id’ condition exists. Clinicians know it as ‘Insufferably Destructive Syndrome’ (or ‘IDS’ for short).

IDS sufferers are typically transparent in their inhumanity and relentless in their pursuit of ‘Top Dog’ status. Generally speaking IDS means unimaginable cruelty and a desire to denigrate others in order to feel good about themselves. The World Health Organisation guidelines offer the following diagnostic criteria for IDS:

Pathological lying (especially concerning qualifications and experience);
Brutal treatment of those perceived as vulnerable;
Frantic attempts to avoid real or imagined irrelevance;
Pervasive arrogance across all domains of life;
Hands stained with the blood of innocents (actual or metaphorical);
Irresistible tendency to laugh inappropriately at the suffering of others.
Partisan tribalism and an irrational insistence that only the IDS sufferer’s own demographic has value.


These new diagnostic guidelines will aid clinicians in recognising IDS although as yet no effective treatment has been identified.

Should you ever meet an IDS sufferer DO NOT approach them. IDS is a terrible blight on our community. IDS individuals will eat you given half a chance.

The most sensible thing is to run and hide. IDS will show you and your neighbours no mercy.

Many argue that the only effective response following diagnosis of IDS is lifelong incarceration to prevent further crimes against humanity.

Where the sun don’t shine

One of Britain’s best known and most hated newspapers has embarked on an uncharacteristic crusade of kindness. In a rare acknowledgement of the hardship its’ vicious editorial policies helped create its decided to do something to alleviate the nation’s poverty.
Enlisting the aid of the newly privatised Royal Mail, The Sun ‘news’ paper is donating a week’s supply of toilet paper to every household in UK. Except Liverpool, that is.

A spokesman for The Sun told us that his paper had already caused so much shit for Liverpool that there wasn’t enough paper in the world to wipe it away. The rest of UK can rest assured though – their free toilet paper will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday) morning through their letter box.

However many UK citizens are concerned that far from providing a means of wiping away excrement, The Sun‘s gift will merely bring even more faecal matter into their homes.
Any citizen who is concerned about The Sun posting crap through their letterboxes can dispose of it at The Sun’s expense using the freepost address below.

FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX

Tell ‘em to shove their bigotted rag ‘where The Sun don’t shine’!

I’m NOT prejudiced – some of my best friends are UKIP

Stuart Sorensen:

“Some of my best friends are UKIP” Marvellous!

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:


I have been extremely upset recently to discover some people have been accusing me – and Pride’s Purge – of being prejudiced against UKIP people.

This is not true!

I have always believed everyone is equal and deserves the right to be treated with respect – even people who are UKIP.

In fact some of my best friends are UKIP.

Well, maybe not my best friends but I’ve met a few UKIP people and I can say that they are just as normal as other British people and really are no different from the rest of us.

Of course it’s true that I have publicly criticised some UKIP people for refusing to properly integrate into the rest of UK society and preferring to stay in their own UKIP ghettos in places like Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

And it’s true that I have pointed out that many UKIP people – similar to other minorities such as EDL and BNP…

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Dear Lib Dems

Stuart Sorensen:

How could we possibly fail to notice the FibDems’ moral bankruptcy? The fact that Clegg and co think we’re alltoo stupid to notice doesn’t make it so. This open letter by Juli Juxtaposed sums it all up so well.

Originally posted on juxtaposed:

Dear Lib Dems,

I know you’re heavily distracted right now but you and your leader seem confused about what has gone wrong.

You got excited.
You thought, like most of the people back in 2010, that this was an economic emergency and that you had a public service duty to negotiate a coalition in the ‘National Interest’. Perhaps it is that you were naive; perhaps it was the long, oh so long awaited chance to be in power that made you blind during those early, heady days.

You have acted, ultimately, as the front men, the shills, the appeasers and apologists for your senior partners. You’ve voted with them time after time, irrespective of whether it was in the citizens’ interests or even ethical and sensible. You have contributed to the increasingly desperate vulnerability of every single group bar the ‘I’m alright, Jacks’. [And don't you dare think to yourself:…

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