Free downloads

On this page you will find downloads in various formats. Enjoy…

Training workbook samples

An example of a basic ‘Introduction to mental health work’ training course for social  care support workers

Introduction to mental health work booklet final

Video downloads

Interview with Sara Stocks of Project Prevention UK (July 2010)

Short PDF downloads

Cognitive stages in counselling – a ‘route map’ explanation of the therapeutic process for new counsellors and students. I wrote it when I was a student nurse myself to make sense of the ‘how to’ of counselling. I think it’s still pretty useful for newbies so I’ve posted it here. Enjoy….


Psychosis or paranormal experience?

SPS Paranormal activity or psychotic symptom1

What’s a support worker worth – short article

What’s a support worker worth?

White, Working class and British – Why the EDL & BNP do not speak for this white, working class Brit

White working class and British

Longer (Ebook) downloads

Record of the campaign to oppose Project Prevention

Preventing Project Prevention PDF

An alternative view of psychosis

The care guy Psychosis symptoms or strategies

Expressed Emotion in mental health

The Care Guy Expressions – HEE & mental health

Explaining logical fallacies

The Care Guy Fallacies

Evolutionary psychology (my ongoing ‘teach yourself’ project for 2013-14) part 1


What makes a good debate?


The stress and vulnerability model of mental health and disorder

The care guy Stressed

Borderline personality disorder and self harm

The care guy BPD and DSH blog series

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

The care guy The Convention

Emotional management: Techniques and principles

The care guy Emotional Management blog series

Using the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 in practice

The Care Guy Decisions

How to write a training course


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